Chuck grimaced. It was the third time in a week that Lory had conned him into visiting her uncle’s new tavern, and the free ale still wasn’t enough to offset the offensive odors that kept sneaking out of the kitchen.

He liked her, he really did, but the fact was that this was putting a significant strain on their friendship. One that he thought, should things go right for a change, might lead to - an enormous crash broke Chuck out of his thoughts as the pub door slammed against the far wall. Apparently Lory’s uncle was too cheap for a stop. Cameron stood there, a pale mess of a man, panting heavily. “We’re needed. Fornlack’s roused all the Tualatin, and they’re almost to the crossroads.” The measured tone of his voice did little to belay the fear in his eyes. No amount of drilling could get that out. Chuck knew the Tualatin’s self-sacrificing tendencies, and slammed the rest of his drink to avoid meeting Cam’s eye, the terrors of his last encounter fresh in his mind. He forced a chuckle and began lacing up his boots. “I’d like to see them get through Tarrack’s Gauntlet. Hah!” The bravado helped a bit.

The Gates is a DnD 4.0 campaign centered around the founding and subsequent defense of the city of Noth.

The Gates