Noth is a newly discovered creation, having been initially founded some several hundred years prior to the beginning of the campaign. While initially quite small, and only able to house a few hundred citizens, the city is expecting steady growth, the dwarven architects steadily carving space out of the mountain’s interior.

Noth’s primary industry is agricultural. With the architect’s desire to create a self-sustaining city in mind, much effort has been put forth to promote the viability of farming within the enclave. A strict zoning policy keeps the city of Noth separate from the all-important farmland.

Carved from the mountainside in a veritable frenzy by a team of engineers and wizards, Noth functions much as any small city, save that their sky is artificial. Built on an earth node, the wizards of Noth harnessed its power to project a favorable imitation of the outdoors within their cavern. Those not magically inclined can only tell the slightest of difference from the outside world, and few are the people who are bothered by it, for with their isolation and seclusion comes safety.

Noth itself lies to the west of the center cavity of Nothspire, a collection of carved stone buildings that the exploration team discovered there initially. Deep in the western wall of Noth lie several mining shafts that prospectors speculate may contain rich veins of gold and other valuable mineral commodities. A column in the middle of the central cavity that stretches between the floor and ceiling houses the order of wizards charged with sustaining the illusion of sky. The half-mile perimeter surrounding the wizard’s column is forested for aesthetic and practical reasons, while the rest of the open space within Nothspire is dedicated to farming.

The Gates lie to the south of the center cavity, at both ends of the three-mile-long tunnel than connects Noth to the outside world.


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